Master's in Special Ed. for under $15,000

According to the National Education Association, over the past 10 years the number of U.S. students enrolled in special education programs has risen 30%. When you earn your M.A. in Special Education, you will be meeting the growing demands of districts with your qualifications to work with children with special needs.

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Overview & Tuition

Earn your Master of Arts in Special Education and LBS I endorsement on your teaching license in 1 ½ years. Call or request information today.

The Graduate Studies Special Education program is for those who have already completed an undergraduate degree and have a valid teaching license. (If you do not yet have your teaching license, you may be interested in the undergraduate-level Adult Studies Special Education program.)

If you already have your LBS I endorsement on your teaching license, you may be interested in earning your LBS II Learning Behavior Specialist endorsement. Contact us about that program.




  • A valid teaching license
  • A bachelor’s degree from an accredited college
    • Required coursework: Introduction to Special Education (If you have not completed this course, contact us for convenient ways to do so.)
  • Two letters of recommendation, including one from a principal or supervisor
  • Complete an application for admission.
  • Submit the $50 application fee



Courses in Trinity’s M.A. in Special Education are arranged in sequence to build upon previous ones. Students cannot drop into each course at random; they must complete the program in the sequence specified.


SPED 517    Tests and Measurements: Assessing Students with Special Needs  3 credits
SPED 524    Teaching Students with High Incidence Disabilities Age 3-22 *      6 credits
SPED 525    Teaching Students with Low Incidence Disabilities Age 3-22 *        6 credits
SPED 519    Remediation of Language and Communication Disorders              3 credits
Students could exit here and be eligible to receive LBS1 Endorsement, providing they pass state tests.

SPED 514    Reading Disabilities Theory and Interventions *                              3 credits
SPED 530     Communication and Collaboration in Special Education: Strategies and Methods 3 credits
SPED 620    Special Education In Today’s Classroom                                          3 credits
Students could exit here and be eligible to receive LBS1 License, providing they pass state tests.

SPED 680    Research in Special Education: Project Design *                                 3 credits
SPED 683    The Law and Current Challenges                                                   2 credits
SPED 685    Master’s Project                                                                                   4 credits


Students who complete all requirements receive a M.A. in Special Education, and are eligible to receive LBS1 license, providing they pass state tests.

* Denotes courses employing a blended format (face-to-face and online instruction)



Start Dates

Start Dates

  • Fall

There are options to extend the length of the program. Call for details. Students may also choose to earn an LBS1 endorsement after 4 courses (18 credits) or LBS1 license after 7 courses (27 credits) without completing a master’s degree. Students must pass state tests to earn endorsement or license.

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